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One-stop career coaching


CIYES Services

Job Readiness Training

Finding the ideal job can be hard. Getting the best job-seeking advice can be daunting. We can make it much easier for you.

Career Coaching

Our mission is to assist and train new graduates and students with international backgrounds gain valuable local work experience and get skillful full-time permanent job opportunities shortly after graduating. 

Our program focuses on community involvement, local networking, cultural integration, and professional career coaching.

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One-Stop Career & Immigration


We help clients complete two important life milestones: first job after graduation and immigration to Canada. We accomplish this through individualized on-going career coaching, cultural integration advice and professional immigration planning; as a result, we can offer individually tailored one-stop employment and immigration consultation and services.


Resume Editing

Cover Letter Editing

Career Planning

Internal Referrals

Mock Interview

Job Search Training

Salary Negotiation

Networking Events


Jasmine, Legal Assistant



“ I really appreciate the experience with CIYES Career. With their help, I feel more confident and comfortable when I going to interviews. When I thought I couldn't reach my goals, Nick and Henry always supported me and kept me going. I consider myself fortunate to be able to learn things from them. Not only did I get a job I love, but I also gained valuable experience that will definitely help me in the future.”


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Networking Events


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About us

CIYES Career is a Vancouver based career coaching and job readiness training company. Our dedicated team of employment professionals and industry leaders will use the newest and best practices to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Already, our clients have been placed at the top companies in the hottest industries such as Finance, Accounting, Business, Retail, IT, Engineering, Hospitality and more!

Asian manager giving advice in his office

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Become a Mentor(Peer & Elite)
  1. Understanding of Industry Trends: Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of industry trends, with the ability to stay updated on the latest developments.
  2. Passion for Your Industry: A genuine passion for your industry and a desire to share your enthusiasm with others.
  3. Willingness to Share and Help: A willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with young individuals who are seeking guidance in their career paths.
  4. 5 Years of Industry Work Experience: A minimum of five years of experience working in your respective industry, with a solid understanding of its dynamics and challenges.
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